Blue Escape


Drained. Burnt-out. Emotionally unstable.

Acads. Thesis. Org.

These were muddling up my mind these past few weeks.

Last Thursday night, I had an emotional breakdown. That moment, I knew I have to go and save myself. So I said goodbye to the world for a while. Little did I know, goodbye to the world could just mean hello beach! Yup, Vitamin Sea amidst hell week is part of the formula for the remedy. Thanks much to Ate Dimple who made this possible. ❤

New place. Strangers. UPLB alumnus’ POV on how to graduate (My ate’s friend happened to be a ChemEng graduate from Elbi!) Family. Camera. A good book. (The Alchemist) Music.  Bed.

Call me an escapist – not so good kind of person to become but it’s how people like me cope with unbearable things sometimes. Because it’s not about merely forgetting your problems. It’s about finding a way to breathe and hopefully, to redeem yourself.


Zambales Escapade with the Fambam!!!

(Okay this is a super late post! Hahaha)

Destination: Zambales, Philippines
Date: Nov.28-29, 2014

I found heaven in the midst of my hell week when we went to Lolo Tony’s (my Lolo’s brother) hometown in Zambales. There, he prepared our lodging and foods. He was soooo generous!!! Buti na lang, I decided to go with them. Torn talaga kasi ako the night before the trip kung sasama pa ako. It was my hell week. Kabilaan ang exers, papers, and exams. But then, alam ko na mag-eemote lang din ako half of the time kung nagpaiwan ako. Why not choose the win-win situtation? So I tried to finish the exers and papers (though hindi ko natapos! Haha Dinala ko sa Zambales yung Exer 15! XD) earlier. Friday night, sinundo nila ako sa Elbi. And yeeeha! Turista mode on! 😀 But ofcourse, I took my reviewers with me at nagpumilit ako kahit papaano na mag-aral sa biyahe. Hahaha Sobrang lakas ba ng loob ko magYOLO sa kalagitnaan ng deadlines? Haha Well, NO REGRETS. Because I have learned and explored new things there. Things that I know I would not learn inside the lecture halls and class rooms. Not to mention the priceless moments I had with my loved ones! This is our first ever out-of-town adventure together kaya naman sobrang saya talaga! 🙂

Meet my family!!! 😀 We’re not a perfect family. But I know that we love each other so much. May mga down and painful moments, but sabi nga ng mga pinsan ko, “HASHTAG SOLID KAYA TAYO!” 🙂


And this is my Ate Dimple, Mama, Ate Apple, and Kuya Gielou (l-r). They are my home. They are my reason. ❤


Meet my Lolo Ikoy! He is very funny and joyful! Kahit na lagi niya akong inaasar dahil sa katabaan ko, alam ko na isa ako sa mga paborito nyang apo! Hihi! 😉


Ofcourse, naging instant photoshoot na rin po ang eksena. HAHAHA 😀

IMG_3845     IMG_3991

One of the most unforgettable things about this adventure is my chance to conquer one of my fears — riding a boat and snorkeling. I really don’t know why I’m scared of it. I just feel uncomfortable doing it. But that day, when we decided to ride the boat, I felt really excited! And when they told us that we can go and see what’s under, I immediately asked for goggles! In short, feel na feel ko po. Hahaha Perhaps, hindi ako natakot kasi I’m with them. 🙂





One thing that really made this adventure incredible is the place itself. It’s just so fantastic. Mountains. Sea. Blue Sky. What can you ask for? GOD is indeed a greaaaat greaaat Creator! ❤ Also, naappreciate ko how the people have preserved this place. Nakailang sabi yata ako nun ng “O di baaa may ganito pa pala talaga dito sa Pilipinas! :)” I mean, hindi kasi ‘to sikat and all. I’m just so happy na naexplore ko ito like yeah! \m/



Natapos na ang 1 hour boat ride namin. At lahat yata kami bumaba nang may ngiti sa aming mga labi. 🙂 Well, sa photo, nagcoconcentrate kasi akong bumaba! Haha! Tsaka tatlong sugat ang dumudugo sa kaliwang hita ko. (Di lang halata dyan) Hahaha Whatasouvenir! XD


And after the cool sea exploration, hot coffee for us! Very accommodating talaga nila dun! Ayan kinikilig tuloy ako pag-inom. Charrrooottt  Eh poreber namang benta sa akin ang kape! Hahaha :3


Widening horizon rocks di ba? di ba? 😀

And family bonding is ❤

What an adventure talagaaa!


Nag-iwan ng ilang mahaphapding galos ngunit gayundin naman ng di matatawarang kasiyahang nakamarka na sa aming mga puso at alaala. This is something that I will never ever trade for an UNO subject!

Because for me…

Acad first



The Infanta That I Saw; The Infanta That I Felt

Destination: Infanta, Quezon

This adventure is part of my DEVC 126 course (Participatory Development Journalism). Here, we did an immersion with the farmers of Barangay Lual, Infanta, Quezon. Aside from the immersion, we also held a community meeting with them where we conducted Participatory Rural Appraisal. I belonged to the group who executed the Problem Tree Analysis where we facilitated the discussion about their problems in the community and the possible root cause of those problems.

Infanta, a province in Quezon, is blessed with agricultural land and coastal area that for me, are great “breathing space” for “exhausted” people. Well, I took it that way because I can say that I was able to free myself from stress about acad stuff and all for a moment there. (though technically this trip is still an acad thingy xD)


Playing with the waves, looking at the horizon, breathing in and out the fresh air, and internalizing the beauty of nature made me realize the enormity of this world and how I am just a piece of that over-complicated puzzle, how it’s all gonna be fine and peaceful again just like the ambience of where I’m standing that very moment no matter how messy I think am I, and how every pain will always be worth it.

Obviously, I had more than just fun with this adventure. This will always be memorable for me not only because it’s my first out-of-town immersion but also because it’s one of the places where I had found the chance to talk to my heart even just for a while. 🙂


IMG_1396                           IMG_1387



Destination: Lucban, Quezon
Date: July 27-28

This is my second UPCAT Review experience in Lucban with my awesome brods and sisses in UP Banahaw. We conducted the review at Lucban Academy near the Plaza. Though we didn’t actually have the time to roam around the town, I am still considering this experience as my first travel adventure with Canny because I have been an admirer of this town since then.

I don’t know. I am being amazed by the ambience in Lucban. It really looks like a “town”. Haha I mean, there’s the feeling of “being at home”. I love the cool weather. I like the obsolete structure of the church. I like how the streets meet. (You know what I mean?! :3 Haha) And I also love the way Mt. Banahaw can be seen there.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been to Lucban for quite many times now. I used to go there with my siblings and relatives every Pahiyas Festival. And last Pahiyas Fest, I went there with Lolo Jom and Kuya Eric. We stayed at Ate Eka’s house at Calmar. We explored the town like yeah. Hahaha I also spent that Fest with my close friends Nikko, Jickey, and Hanna.

I also have many unforgettable moments in Lucban:

*the time I and my family “discovered” the Grotto (it’s still being constructed that time XD)
*the time I went back to Kamay Ni Hesus (Grotto) to attend a healing mass by Father Faller
*the time I competed at Batis Aramin Resort during the UP Kalilayan’s Quiz Show with the EU Academic Team
*the time we submitted our application forms at SLSU (I really thought back then that I’d be attending college there)
*the time we took the entrance examination
*the time I experienced teaching for UPCAT review for the first time
*the time my Pren and I met at 7eleven when he treated me a donut and he showed me his and our friends’ boarding houses (trivia: From that moment, donut became my comfort food :3)
*the time I had clingy moments with UP Banahaw when we visited my Lucbanin orgmates’ natural habitat 🙂

Being in Lucban has been an awesome adventure for me. I fell in love with the town’s simplicity and ofcourse with the memories I have made there with the special people in my life. ^^

I’m so hoping to be back again to Quezon’s Little Baguio and to create more happy memories and exciting adventures there. =D