There’s something about…

There’s something about you.
When you speak. When you walk. When you sing. When you look. When you move.
When you think. When you laugh. When you cry.

There’s something about me.
When I listen to you. When I share my thoughts to you. When I pretend to
ignore the things you do. When I’m beside you. When I hug you.

There’s something about us.
When we talk. When we walk. When we eat. When we sing. When we laugh.
When we are each other’s comfort.
When we stay up late because of our non-stop conversation.
When we share inside jokes.
When we share meaningful stares.
When we look for each other.
When we have honest moments.
When we have a good laugh. And a good cry.
When we leave everything behind and just go somewhere we can freely say both
good and awful things about life.

And there’s something about it.
When it makes me happy. When it makes me insane. When it inspires me to keep
going. When it reveals who I really am. When it makes everything else make
sense. When it makes me forget the pain for a while.
When it worries me. When it confuses me. When it scares me. Because it makes
me hope and assume again.
And when it makes me feel this way.
When it makes me write this way.


The question came. And I don’t have to say anything. ‘Cause the answer is too obvious and painful to say — I CAN’T. And maybe I won’t even have the chance to decide whether I can or I cannot. Maybe it’s just never gonna happen. And that’s fine. It’s fine. It’s… fine.

Hindi ko rin naman yata kaya if ever ‘di ba? 

Just Sometimes

Sometimes, I just want to look at your face. To stare at you. To wait for your lips to form a smile. To hold your cheeks. To notice how your eyebrows move. To look you in the eyes. To pay attention on how many times you’d blink. To see your soul through those eyes. To feel you looking back at my eyes to see mine.

Sometimes, I just want to feel your arms wrapped around me. To feel how tight you’re holding me. To feel the strength you have exerted to embrace me. To feel the care that goes through your touch. To somehow feel secured through that hug. To feel like you won’t ever let me go.

Sometimes, I just want to put my head on your shoulder. To feel lighter by knowing that I’m not alone; that I don’t always have to be alone. To feel that someone wants to help me carry everything that burdens me. To feel that for a while, with you by my side, I can close my eyes to seek peace of mind. To feel that someone understands that I’m not perfect and that I’m only human and so I am entitled to sleep, feel down, or even cry. To notice our synchronized breathing. Or… Maybe just to hear that one-of-a-kind melody. That continuously echoing sound coming from the left side of your chest. Yes, I hear it. I hear your beating heart.

And sometimes, all I want is for you to hear mine.

The Kind of Saturday She Needed

Kapag masyado kang piniga, binugbog, pinahirapan at ni-gag ng LunesMartesMiyerkulesHuwebesBiyernes mo, ayos lang. Dahil doon mo mamahalin ang Sabado mo 😉

MARCH 7, 2015 said that all you need to do to feel okay is to…

  • have videoke sessions with your cousins and siblings
  • comfort your cousin while you are all singing Hawak Kamay
  • share your stories with your cousin
  • cry on your Ate’s shoulder while she is singing Lean On Me
  • hug your Lola tight
  • cling to your Mother
  • kiss your Aunt
  • watch Men’s Volleyball game with your Lolo and your cousin
  • watch TV while lying on the carpet
  • laugh with your family
  • have libreng-hilot from your 7y/o nephew
  • watch your soon-to-be brother-in-law wasted as he tries to warn everybody: “Andyan na si Pain! Mapapahamak tayo!” #NarutoPaMore!!!
  • cuddle with Mom while she is saying her famous line “Bakit ang lamig ng paa mo a’ah”
  • sleep without setting the alarm clock
  • forget about the deadlines!

Hindi naresolba ang mga problema. Pero nakahinga ka. Nakangiti ka. Yung ngiting totoo at walang kasunod na pangamba. Not the best things to do to set things right and clean up all the mess the weekdays have brought but hey, for me it’s all good enough. ‘Cause this is the kind of Saturday I needed.
Lord, salamat po may Sabado! ###

Kailangan Kita, Now Na

Times like this, namimiss ko yung “ako” nung aplikante ako ng org.

Noon, parang kahit anong hassle, anong pressure, at kahit anong gulo, pakiramdam ko kaya ko. Kakayanin ko. Kasi isinaisip ko na magiging worth it din ang lahat sa huli. Kasi feel na feel kong matuto. Para bang everyday is a new day to learn new things. Nandiyan ang pagod at puyat, saya at lungkot, kaba at takot… lahat na. Pero nanatili akong malakas at hindi ako sumuko. Sabog na ako sa klase pero ginagawa ko pa rin lahat. Headbang sa klase pero inaayos ko pa rin naman kahit papaano.

Ngayon, hinahanap-hanap ko siya. Si Ann Gielou na kinakaya ang lahat. Si Ann Gielou na passionate sa mga ginagawa niya. Si Ann Gielou na napapagod pero AJA lang nang AJA. Si Ann Gielou na hindi sumusuko kahit gaano kahassle ang mga nangyayari. Si Ann Gielou na inspired ma-experience ang buhay, lalo na ang buhay kolehiyala. Si Ann Gielou na madalas tatanga-tanga pero hindi pa rin sinusukuan ang sarili niya.

Nasaan siya? Kailangan ko siya ngayon.