Para sa’yo, tala 🌟

Salamat, tala.

Dahil sa’yo,

pakiramdam ko,

kahit na magulo,

kahit na mahirap,

kahit na madilim,

magiging ayos pa rin ang lahat.


Salamat, tala.

Dahil sa’yo,

kahit nakakakaba,

kahit nakakatakot,

kahit nakakaiyak,

pilit kong kinakaya ang lahat.


Salamat, tala.

Dahil nandiyan ka,

lalo na kapag kailangan kita,

nakikita man kita o hindi,

ako pa rin ay ‘yong napapangiti.


Salamat, tala.

Dahil nanatili ka.

Lumubog na ang araw,

Tumakas na ang buwan,

Umiyak na ang ulap,

Ngunit sa mundong ito,

Hindi mo pa rin ako binigo.


Note to Self (5AM-Feels Edition)

The thought that silence brings
(It must make you stronger.)
The hope that dawn gives
(It must pave way to clarity.)
The truth that time reveals
(It must leave you wiser.)
The faith that inner peace unfolds
(It must serve you serenity.)


Now, take a deep breath and hold it for a while
Follow it with a relieving sigh
Close your eyes and take it all in
Then open them and see where you can begin


Remember what really matters
Speak of what you only believe is right
Trust your feelings and guts at times
But also take note of what you can’t change sometimes.

Carry on and keep going
Looking back will help your feelings
But moving forward is the reason
So always remember to wear your Game Face on! XD

Originally written on April 5, 2015 at Tayabas, Quezon.

and for a moment, i just want to…

And for a moment, I just want to be beside the stars

Up at the night sky

Belonging to a constellation

Twinkling at someone’s eyes

And for a moment, I just want to escape

From all the pain and hurt

From all the unanswered questions

From the chaos and mess around me

And for a moment, I just want to be nobody

Detached from the cruelty of reality

Staring at someone or something

Feeling satisfied, not empty

And for a moment, I just want to be different

Do the things I really can’t

Dye my hair red and paint the town gray

Be alone and just don’t pick up the phone

And for a moment, I just want to scream

On a rooftop or on a cliff

Or just roll on my bed all day

Sleep the sadness and confusion away

And for a moment, I just want to stop the clock

Forget what’s ticking, moving and passing

Just wanna shout “time out”

And let everything slip off of my hand

And for a moment, I just want to be honest

Admit that I am mad, miserable, and sad

Frustrated with the fact that I can’t blame anyone

Disheartened with the truth that I can’t do anything for this one

Hi! I am…

I am
A girl of beliefs and dreams
A fan of happy endings
A laughter-loving kid
A clumsy and perky teen
I am
A jeans-and-tee person
Not comfortable when in dress and heels on
A frustrated volleyball player and painter
A nocturnal girl who’s a stargazer
I am
Being inspired by sunrise
Being humbled by sunsets
Being comforted by ice cream and doughnuts
Being touched and getting teary-eyed by the city lights
I am
In love with history
Fond of writing poetry
An avid fan of Albom, Green, and Gaiman
A listener of Mraz, Swift, and Sheeran
I am
Spontaneous and unpredictable
Sensitive but approachable
Too idealistic sometimes
Believing in anything that rhymes
I am
Both sanguine and phlegmatic
The “easy goer” but sometimes the skeptic
The interesting storyteller
Or just the interested listener
I am
Uncomfortable with too much darkness
Uneasy at too narrow places
Unhappy with bitter goodbyes and rejections
Uninspired by unappreciation
I am
Bubbly most of the time
But I’m not that person all the time
Sometimes pretending and hiding something inside
Something that’s delicate and fragile
That’s being concealed with a smile
I am
Caring but reckless
Indecisive but independent
Not needy but clingy
Unsure but hopeful
I am
Tinkerbell who messes around but always finds a way
Dora who wants adventures with the best companions along the way
Psyduck who’s stupid at times but who knows how to help and be nice
Haruhi Suzumiya who’s mischievous and annoying but who inspires and fights!
I am
Not a writer but I write
Not a photographer but I shoot
Not a chef but I cook (HAHAHA)
Not a traveler but I wander
I am
A messy person but I know I’m awesome (HAHAHA)
I believe that everything happens for a reason
A weird entity who is in pursuit of happiness
With GOD as my strength and my loved ones as my pixiedust sources. 🙂

What It’s Like

It’s like your favorite movie that you’d always want to see.
It’s like your favorite song that you’d never want to come to an end.
It’s like your favorite book that you’d want to feel every page again.
It’s like your favorite color you’d never ever want to fade.
Things happen to people
Some are ready
Some are not
Some will never be
But will try to be
Time plays a song that nobody knows
As it plays the hearts of existing souls
It goes by so fast and never slow
It brings happiness yet sometimes sorrow
Every drop of the pouring rain
Every inch of a moving plane
Every cry of a restless heart
Every sigh of a wounded life
It all comes back as pain
For the mind to go insane
For the body to look pale
For the heart to be in vain
‘Cause the truth is it still hurts
The heart still feels it’s going to burst
But then it will try it’s best
To face you again at her best. :’)
10/20/13 09:27

Nocturnal Thoughts

Let’s talk about the stars.
Let’s talk about Mars.
Let’s talk about the rain.
Let’s talk about Spain.
Join me in my sleepless nights.
Be with me on my greatest fights.
Laugh with me through the bitterness inside.
Listen to my stories I can no longer hide.
Let’s hold on and wait for the dawn.
Let’s walk along the journey I’ve known.
Search for the moon and fly with me.
Gaze at the sky as we cope with uncertainty.
Hug me tight and tears might fall.
This nocturnal seems to be wounded, after all.
Though I might cry, soon I’ll surely smile.
Knowing you’re around is enough to make me fine.
So let me know it’s real.
Tell me you’ll not disappear.
Maybe you could not bring me to the past.
But I know we can make this moment last.
-3/20/14 12:36


he’s a writer in his own ways

he’s a poet in his own words

he’s an otaku and thinks he’s Natsu

he’s so in love with the faith he knew


he sang Mandy Moore’s “cry” with poise

but it revealed his out-of-tune voice

yet my heart tuned in to that noise

and I was like “hey, who cares? I think it’s noooice” XD


he’s childish sometimes and so am I

he’s funny and insane at the same time

yeah, he’s kinda cute when he smiles

that I cannot and will not deny


he’s blue when I’m gray

he’s there when I’m not okay

he’s that line on my favorite song

which I’ll not get tired singing along


he reminds me of the night sky

how rightfully the stars shine

and how we touched the imaginary stars that night

while singing I Won’t Give Up with all our might


he’s like a lil brother I’ve known

to play with and to protect from then on

he’s like a friend from a different dimension

who perked up with me in a different world we’ve known


now he’s being missed

by the girl in gray he used to tease

nonetheless it’s not like they’re miles apart

‘cause Narnians always carry each other’s hearts.