#BalikLakasLoob2019 AKA #Courageous2019

Deadline: January 1, 2020

  • Get a new job.  TYL! ❤
  • Enroll in grad school.  Haven’t hehe! Due to other priorities tho.
  • Learn to play new musical instrument/s. Next year! Hi, Karen my Kalimba!
  • Learn to speak a new dialect. Madamu gid nga salamat! Pwede na ba ‘yon? LOL
  • Engage in sports. Not yet :<
  • Volunteer. Ish? During UPB’s Kislap (Youth Camp)
  • Watch CLARA BENIN / CHEATS / NOEL CABANGON / JOHNOY DANAO perform live. Nope :c
  • Print photos. Did not. :/
  • Send a postcard. Did not. :/
  • Drink coffee/beer while watching the sea (preferably during a sunrise/sunset). No :/
  • Witness a shooting star. Nah 😐

But hey, this year, I had a lot of new experiences I never thought I’d have. First solo plane ride, first samgyup gaming lol, first kalat na inom jusqqq, first time to meet “legendary” people (and be actually friends with them ❤ ), first legit something, and first hehe. LUH!

In short, 2019 was a year of courage, indeed.

Thank you self, for being courageous enough to start again, fail again, laugh again, cry again, and try again.

Tap on the back, Angge.

Now, onto 2020.



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