~With You Right Here, I’m A RAKETEER ~


Yup. I’m going freelance, guys. Hahaha Found this “freelance site” called raket.ph and tadah, I’m registered! Ganito pala kapag gipit ka tapos ang dami mong nais gawin, puntahan, kailangang bilhin, at gustong regaluhan. Well, kapit lang. Hahahaha Actually, I still don’t know the nitty gritty of this site but yeah, let’s do this! Para sa ekonomiya! Haha Oh, baka may kailangan ka? If you need a freelance tutor/editor/copywriter/event host/event document-or/photographer/videographer (basic lang po haha)/speaker — you know where to FIND ME! <— 😀

4 Replies to “~With You Right Here, I’m A RAKETEER ~”

  1. Inggit ako! Gusto ko rin mag-freelance! Charot! Good luck, Pangie! Gusto sana kita i-hire for my video script tomorrow, kaso deadline na bukas. I won’t have time to explain everything. Haha. Miss you! Hope to see you soonest! *hart hart*

    1. Hahahaha OMG thanks Ate Ekaaa 😂 Uy oo go, gawa ka rin ng account! Raket din yun! Hahaha Btw, I’m so happy kung paano tayo nagkakacommunication through wordpress hihihi 💕 I miss you, Ate Merc. Lovelovelove 💙

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