Of Ball Games, Fatherhood, and Heaven †

During my senior year in high school, I had to live in my Lolo’s house because my Mom undergone an operation. Mom and I lived with my Lolo, two Titas, my uncle, my cousins and my nephews. 
It was kind of difficult to adjust, at first. However, the care and love that I and Mom got from the people there were enough to make us feel alright. 

And one happy thing about having that experience is getting the opportunity to interact with them, closer than ever.

And I remember, whenever I watch basketball games (PBA) to support my team, Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters (Go #TnTNation), I was always being teased by my Tito (San Miguel/Petron fan) and my Lolo (fan of any teams playing against my team). They always tell me that we’re gonna lose, my team is weak, and other stuff just to make fun of me. And that became our bonding. 

And now, they are both gone. On October 28, my Lolo passed away. Last December 16, mom called me and told me about my uncle dying. 

It feels horrible to lose them both this year, this Christmas. 

And how I wish we could still do our bonding. 

Tay,  Papa Tony, wherever you are, thanks for being my fathers. You are both great dads. By the way, from heaven, watch TnT Tropang Texters get the championship this cup. 😜 I miss you both. I love you both. 

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