*fingers crossed*

“Mula noong naging kami, walang araw ang lumipas na hindi ako masaya. Yung ngingiti ako pagkagising at nakangiti rin akong matutulog.”


Corny ng ate. Pero, who am i kidding. I also want that. I wanna have that someone. Someone who will make everything – the waiting,  the pain,  the skepticism, the emptiness – make sense. Someone who will accept and love me for who I am. Someone I deserve and who deserves me. Someone who will make me happier and happier than I ever thought I could be. Someone whom I can share my happiness as well as my fears with. Someone to hold on to when things are falling apart. Someone to hug when the universe is getting hard to understand. Someone who will be waiting home for me. Someone who will never leave. Someone who will love me even more in times that I am being unlovable. Someone to just face everyday with, to see the sunsets and sunrises with, to make more adventures with. Someone to be with until our last breath.


I am happy with what I have now. I have my family and friends. And I do know I have a lot of things to discover more and to develop about myself. I also acknowledge the idea that I may be really destined for something, a certain work where I can serve other people. But hey, wouldn’t it be nice if I’d get to do all these things and other stuff in the future with ‘the one’?  I mean, I can be an empowered woman and carry a lot of things on my own. But wouldn’t having a special someone beside me while carrying those things be great?


I am in no rush. I just think that (and wow I admit it now) I hope God will make me find him. And that he gets to find me, too ofcourse. Just like how Ted finally found Tracy, after all. Or how Monica and Chandler found each other and worked out their relationship that is strengthened by their friendship. Or how those old couples I see in the streets are holding each other’s hand while walking, looking like they are totally contented with their lives just by having their other half beside them.


I may not be a huge fan of happy endings. But I am a fan of love, in all its forms. And I really hope that someday, I’ll have that one kind of love – romantic (not platonic anymore please hehe), unconditional, everlasting and most importantly, a real one.

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