Tonight. Maybe just tonight.


Let me admit that I’m not alright.

Let me admit that it’s hard.

Let me admit that I am tired.


Let me say I am not enough

Because I know that I failed

And I feel sorry for the people I let down


Don’t tell me it’s gonna be alright

Because I know how to say that

But not now that pain is eating me alive


Don’t ask me why

Just please let me cry

Bear the weight of my sigh


Let my eyes show what they hide

Let my voice crack in a while

Let me show a bitter smile


I don’t want to tell a lie

I admit I’m hurting as fuck

I am breaking too fast


I hate the word goodbye

I want to hug my Elbi friends tight

I need my UPB family in sight


I weep for my shattered dreams

I grieve for this devastating sem

I feel sorry for my self.

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