Remember her?


She is Ann Gielou M. Posedio from IV-Diamond. She’s that petite and crazy looking girl you see along the corridor. She seems clumsy. She’s noisy and always laughing her heart out.

Sometimes, you see her running across the quadrangle at 7:30AM because she’s already late in her class. Sometimes, you see her with her best friends making fun of each other while sharing a single order of fries in the canteen. Sometimes, you see her  reviewing History and General Information with her coaches inside the faculty room. Sometimes, you see her in the Publication Office where she is brainstorming and chatting with the The Candle staffers and advisers. Sometimes, you see her in the gymnasium playing volleyball/basketball/badminton/sipaball/batoball/habulang-upo/musical acting-actingan with her friends. Sometimes, you see her checking out the novels or touching the big photo of the Colosseum on the big Almanac in the library. Sometimes, you see her chilling or taking pictures with her friends in the garden.

And sometimes, you see her teary-eyed as she goes to the CR alone. Sometimes, you see her just looking outside the window even during class discussions. Sometimes, you see her staring up at the star at the top of the Christmas tree while whispering something. (She can be creepy at times.)  Sometimes, you see her sitting alone on the stairs. Sometimes, you notice that she’s walking with her head down the whole day.

But then, the next day, you’ll see her running again. You’ll see her laughing so loud again. You’ll see her playing again. You’ll see her being bubbly again.

Because this girl is messed up more than you’ll ever know. She has a lot of issues, problems, pressures, doubts and queries in life. But she always chooses to believe. She believes that everything happens for a reason.

She maybe weird but she’s real. She laughs when she’s happy. She cries when she’s in pain. She’s silent when it’s too much. And when too much is just tooooo much, she finds a way to let it all out, with less “casualty” as much as possible.

She is not confident with herself but the love that she gets from her family, friends, confidants and from God is enough to keep her going. She is vulnerable. But she has this invincibility in her that makes her survive every battle she’s going through — maybe it’s her magic.

So if there’s one thing I’d want to ask from her right now, it’s for her not to let that magic die. Not now. Not ever.

And when she feels like everything is just falling apart and nothing is making any sense, I hope she remembers.


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