There’s something about…

There’s something about you.
When you speak. When you walk. When you sing. When you look. When you move.
When you think. When you laugh. When you cry.

There’s something about me.
When I listen to you. When I share my thoughts to you. When I pretend to
ignore the things you do. When I’m beside you. When I hug you.

There’s something about us.
When we talk. When we walk. When we eat. When we sing. When we laugh.
When we are each other’s comfort.
When we stay up late because of our non-stop conversation.
When we share inside jokes.
When we share meaningful stares.
When we look for each other.
When we have honest moments.
When we have a good laugh. And a good cry.
When we leave everything behind and just go somewhere we can freely say both
good and awful things about life.

And there’s something about it.
When it makes me happy. When it makes me insane. When it inspires me to keep
going. When it reveals who I really am. When it makes everything else make
sense. When it makes me forget the pain for a while.
When it worries me. When it confuses me. When it scares me. Because it makes
me hope and assume again.
And when it makes me feel this way.
When it makes me write this way.

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