Just Sometimes

Sometimes, I just want to look at your face. To stare at you. To wait for your lips to form a smile. To hold your cheeks. To notice how your eyebrows move. To look you in the eyes. To pay attention on how many times you’d blink. To see your soul through those eyes. To feel you looking back at my eyes to see mine.

Sometimes, I just want to feel your arms wrapped around me. To feel how tight you’re holding me. To feel the strength you have exerted to embrace me. To feel the care that goes through your touch. To somehow feel secured through that hug. To feel like you won’t ever let me go.

Sometimes, I just want to put my head on your shoulder. To feel lighter by knowing that I’m not alone; that I don’t always have to be alone. To feel that someone wants to help me carry everything that burdens me. To feel that for a while, with you by my side, I can close my eyes to seek peace of mind. To feel that someone understands that I’m not perfect and that I’m only human and so I am entitled to sleep, feel down, or even cry. To notice our synchronized breathing. Or… Maybe just to hear that one-of-a-kind melody. That continuously echoing sound coming from the left side of your chest. Yes, I hear it. I hear your beating heart.

And sometimes, all I want is for you to hear mine.

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