The Kind of Saturday She Needed

Kapag masyado kang piniga, binugbog, pinahirapan at ni-gag ng LunesMartesMiyerkulesHuwebesBiyernes mo, ayos lang. Dahil doon mo mamahalin ang Sabado mo 😉

MARCH 7, 2015 said that all you need to do to feel okay is to…

  • have videoke sessions with your cousins and siblings
  • comfort your cousin while you are all singing Hawak Kamay
  • share your stories with your cousin
  • cry on your Ate’s shoulder while she is singing Lean On Me
  • hug your Lola tight
  • cling to your Mother
  • kiss your Aunt
  • watch Men’s Volleyball game with your Lolo and your cousin
  • watch TV while lying on the carpet
  • laugh with your family
  • have libreng-hilot from your 7y/o nephew
  • watch your soon-to-be brother-in-law wasted as he tries to warn everybody: “Andyan na si Pain! Mapapahamak tayo!” #NarutoPaMore!!!
  • cuddle with Mom while she is saying her famous line “Bakit ang lamig ng paa mo a’ah”
  • sleep without setting the alarm clock
  • forget about the deadlines!

Hindi naresolba ang mga problema. Pero nakahinga ka. Nakangiti ka. Yung ngiting totoo at walang kasunod na pangamba. Not the best things to do to set things right and clean up all the mess the weekdays have brought but hey, for me it’s all good enough. ‘Cause this is the kind of Saturday I needed.
Lord, salamat po may Sabado! ###

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