Deadline: January 1, 2016

Sa ngalan ng OPLAN #SURPRISEYOURSELF, here are the extraordinary things (for me) to do for 2015!

  • Visit at least two historical places in the Philippines (one down! Perez Park, 110215)



  • Publish at least two travel adventure stories  (Pinto Art Museum; General Nakar)
  • Painting (actual deadline: December Winking smile)
  • Magsuot ng baro’t saya (or kahit anong Filipino traditional costume) (MAY 13)
  • Magpakulay ng buhok (July 26)
  • One original recipe  (Sisig Sardilog!!!!)
  • Read at least 5 great books (3/5 The Little Prince, Paper Towns, The Arrow With A Heart Pierced Through Him)
  • Maligo sa ulan. Sa Elbi. (September 22)

11149578_1178388292177288_9020370472970412404_n 12039675_1178388598843924_428935322667998702_n

  • Stage play
  • WOWOWOW ride. At mabuhay pagkatapos.
  • Help a stranger.
  • Stargazing (April 17) (May 29)
  • Picture W/ Sunrise  (Nov. 7)
(c) Mark Anthony Manalo
  • Sumigaw sa rooftop
  • Sumali sa isang quizcon (at least 1)  (April 22 – imMEDIAte)
  • Manood ng concert (April 23 – Choral Ensemble)
  • Magsulat sa isang random book sa library ng #SURPRISEYOURSELF ( May 22 XD )

    Nailed it! 😉
  • Publish (at least) one story  (The Elbi Times <Libre>, DEVC136 Project)
  • Magbawas ng timbang. Kahit konti lang. XD
  • Makakita ng shooting star 

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