Hi! I am…

I am
A girl of beliefs and dreams
A fan of happy endings
A laughter-loving kid
A clumsy and perky teen
I am
A jeans-and-tee person
Not comfortable when in dress and heels on
A frustrated volleyball player and painter
A nocturnal girl who’s a stargazer
I am
Being inspired by sunrise
Being humbled by sunsets
Being comforted by ice cream and doughnuts
Being touched and getting teary-eyed by the city lights
I am
In love with history
Fond of writing poetry
An avid fan of Albom, Green, and Gaiman
A listener of Mraz, Swift, and Sheeran
I am
Spontaneous and unpredictable
Sensitive but approachable
Too idealistic sometimes
Believing in anything that rhymes
I am
Both sanguine and phlegmatic
The “easy goer” but sometimes the skeptic
The interesting storyteller
Or just the interested listener
I am
Uncomfortable with too much darkness
Uneasy at too narrow places
Unhappy with bitter goodbyes and rejections
Uninspired by unappreciation
I am
Bubbly most of the time
But I’m not that person all the time
Sometimes pretending and hiding something inside
Something that’s delicate and fragile
That’s being concealed with a smile
I am
Caring but reckless
Indecisive but independent
Not needy but clingy
Unsure but hopeful
I am
Tinkerbell who messes around but always finds a way
Dora who wants adventures with the best companions along the way
Psyduck who’s stupid at times but who knows how to help and be nice
Haruhi Suzumiya who’s mischievous and annoying but who inspires and fights!
I am
Not a writer but I write
Not a photographer but I shoot
Not a chef but I cook (HAHAHA)
Not a traveler but I wander
I am
A messy person but I know I’m awesome (HAHAHA)
I believe that everything happens for a reason
A weird entity who is in pursuit of happiness
With GOD as my strength and my loved ones as my pixiedust sources. 🙂

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