20 Things I Learned The Year I Turned 18

Thought Catalog

1. Take ‘love’ out of your daily vocabulary. You do not ‘love’ a television show; you really like it and you think it’s great.

2. Smile and laugh only if necessary. They can’t break you if they think you’re already broken.

3. Talk less and observe more.

4. Spend less time with people and enjoy your own company. Sometimes they only hang with you because they want to be nice.

5. Don’t act surprised or mad when someone disappoints you. They don’t owe it to you to live up to your expectations.

6. Don’t speak if you’re only going to say something negative. Be mysterious but not pessimistic.

7. Donate things. Donate half of your bookshelf and drawers. You won’t only be helping others, but you’ll be making room for new and better things. Donate half of your closet, especially the ones he touched because you don’t need his memory…

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