What It’s Like

It’s like your favorite movie that you’d always want to see.
It’s like your favorite song that you’d never want to come to an end.
It’s like your favorite book that you’d want to feel every page again.
It’s like your favorite color you’d never ever want to fade.
Things happen to people
Some are ready
Some are not
Some will never be
But will try to be
Time plays a song that nobody knows
As it plays the hearts of existing souls
It goes by so fast and never slow
It brings happiness yet sometimes sorrow
Every drop of the pouring rain
Every inch of a moving plane
Every cry of a restless heart
Every sigh of a wounded life
It all comes back as pain
For the mind to go insane
For the body to look pale
For the heart to be in vain
‘Cause the truth is it still hurts
The heart still feels it’s going to burst
But then it will try it’s best
To face you again at her best. :’)
10/20/13 09:27

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