Nocturnal Thoughts

Let’s talk about the stars.
Let’s talk about Mars.
Let’s talk about the rain.
Let’s talk about Spain.
Join me in my sleepless nights.
Be with me on my greatest fights.
Laugh with me through the bitterness inside.
Listen to my stories I can no longer hide.
Let’s hold on and wait for the dawn.
Let’s walk along the journey I’ve known.
Search for the moon and fly with me.
Gaze at the sky as we cope with uncertainty.
Hug me tight and tears might fall.
This nocturnal seems to be wounded, after all.
Though I might cry, soon I’ll surely smile.
Knowing you’re around is enough to make me fine.
So let me know it’s real.
Tell me you’ll not disappear.
Maybe you could not bring me to the past.
But I know we can make this moment last.
-3/20/14 12:36

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