he’s a writer in his own ways

he’s a poet in his own words

he’s an otaku and thinks he’s Natsu

he’s so in love with the faith he knew


he sang Mandy Moore’s “cry” with poise

but it revealed his out-of-tune voice

yet my heart tuned in to that noise

and I was like “hey, who cares? I think it’s noooice” XD


he’s childish sometimes and so am I

he’s funny and insane at the same time

yeah, he’s kinda cute when he smiles

that I cannot and will not deny


he’s blue when I’m gray

he’s there when I’m not okay

he’s that line on my favorite song

which I’ll not get tired singing along


he reminds me of the night sky

how rightfully the stars shine

and how we touched the imaginary stars that night

while singing I Won’t Give Up with all our might


he’s like a lil brother I’ve known

to play with and to protect from then on

he’s like a friend from a different dimension

who perked up with me in a different world we’ve known


now he’s being missed

by the girl in gray he used to tease

nonetheless it’s not like they’re miles apart

‘cause Narnians always carry each other’s hearts.




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