The Infanta That I Saw; The Infanta That I Felt

Destination: Infanta, Quezon

This adventure is part of my DEVC 126 course (Participatory Development Journalism). Here, we did an immersion with the farmers of Barangay Lual, Infanta, Quezon. Aside from the immersion, we also held a community meeting with them where we conducted Participatory Rural Appraisal. I belonged to the group who executed the Problem Tree Analysis where we facilitated the discussion about their problems in the community and the possible root cause of those problems.

Infanta, a province in Quezon, is blessed with agricultural land and coastal area that for me, are great “breathing space” for “exhausted” people. Well, I took it that way because I can say that I was able to free myself from stress about acad stuff and all for a moment there. (though technically this trip is still an acad thingy xD)


Playing with the waves, looking at the horizon, breathing in and out the fresh air, and internalizing the beauty of nature made me realize the enormity of this world and how I am just a piece of that over-complicated puzzle, how it’s all gonna be fine and peaceful again just like the ambience of where I’m standing that very moment no matter how messy I think am I, and how every pain will always be worth it.

Obviously, I had more than just fun with this adventure. This will always be memorable for me not only because it’s my first out-of-town immersion but also because it’s one of the places where I had found the chance to talk to my heart even just for a while. 🙂

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