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Destination: Lucban, Quezon
Date: July 27-28

This is my second UPCAT Review experience in Lucban with my awesome brods and sisses in UP Banahaw. We conducted the review at Lucban Academy near the Plaza. Though we didn’t actually have the time to roam around the town, I am still considering this experience as my first travel adventure with Canny because I have been an admirer of this town since then.

I don’t know. I am being amazed by the ambience in Lucban. It really looks like a “town”. Haha I mean, there’s the feeling of “being at home”. I love the cool weather. I like the obsolete structure of the church. I like how the streets meet. (You know what I mean?! :3 Haha) And I also love the way Mt. Banahaw can be seen there.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been to Lucban for quite many times now. I used to go there with my siblings and relatives every Pahiyas Festival. And last Pahiyas Fest, I went there with Lolo Jom and Kuya Eric. We stayed at Ate Eka’s house at Calmar. We explored the town like yeah. Hahaha I also spent that Fest with my close friends Nikko, Jickey, and Hanna.

I also have many unforgettable moments in Lucban:

*the time I and my family “discovered” the Grotto (it’s still being constructed that time XD)
*the time I went back to Kamay Ni Hesus (Grotto) to attend a healing mass by Father Faller
*the time I competed at Batis Aramin Resort during the UP Kalilayan’s Quiz Show with the EU Academic Team
*the time we submitted our application forms at SLSU (I really thought back then that I’d be attending college there)
*the time we took the entrance examination
*the time I experienced teaching for UPCAT review for the first time
*the time my Pren and I met at 7eleven when he treated me a donut and he showed me his and our friends’ boarding houses (trivia: From that moment, donut became my comfort food :3)
*the time I had clingy moments with UP Banahaw when we visited my Lucbanin orgmates’ natural habitat 🙂

Being in Lucban has been an awesome adventure for me. I fell in love with the town’s simplicity and ofcourse with the memories I have made there with the special people in my life. ^^

I’m so hoping to be back again to Quezon’s Little Baguio and to create more happy memories and exciting adventures there. =D

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