What FAIRY TAIL Taught Me (Through Episodes 33-41 XD)

True friendship knows how to let go. It’s not about holding one back when he or she is about to face a new journey, even if you’re not destined to accompany him or her on that journey. Instead, it’s about wishing him or her best of luck on his or her “newfound voyage” and promising him or her that you will be stronger as you face your own one. Although there is no assurance that you will meet again, you will choose not to worry but to be just grateful because you’re sure of one thing: the special bond created by the love of your friendship will always be carved deeply in your heart down to your soul. You will do your best to move forward and be happy so that one day, if you ever meet again, you will know that you are the same old stars who learned to shine their brightest by keeping their faith and believing in themselves. Yes, maybe sometimes pain demands to be felt. But I guess, more importantly, it demands us to learn. It demands us to be stronger. It demands us to carry on, no matter what. =)

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